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Art for AllArt for AllArt for AllArt for AllArt for AllArt for AllArt for AllArt for All

Art for All

Working with David Abbott, Executive Director of Festival of the Arts, the Organizational Structures class learned about how a large-scale community event operates. They were tasked with envisioning ways Festival of the Arts could generate more revenue from art sales.

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Spark ParkSpark ParkSpark Park

Spark Park

Why put a park on a busy city road? The Spark Park is exploring the intervention of the space between the college’s two buildings in order to connect with the community and to create a campus.

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Throughout the semester, the Organizational Structures class looked at the ways in which they could innovate and elaborate on the retail experience at reBlue. reBlue is a retail extension of the Goodwill organization that focuses on unique and one of a kind products sourced from Goodwill’s around the region.
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ODD MarriagesODD MarriagesODD Marriages

ODD Marriages

What impact can a product have after it is donated? The old model of buying and throwing away isn’t cutting it anymore. In the future products need to have a continuous lifecycle so that as little goes to waste as possible.

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