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Project KonnectProject KonnectProject KonnectProject KonnectProject KonnectProject KonnectProject Konnect

Project Konnect

The Fall 2019 Dialogue and Personality class recognized the need to bridge a gap between the two downtown KCAD campus buildings in order to “lessen the silo effect” of the two structures. By speaking with KCAD students and faculty, the team discovered just how much this sentiment was shared among community members. By researching various design solutions, the Project Konnect team envisioned a better way to make use of the space between the two buildings that would not only allow for more convenient access between entryways but also create a courtyard where students and staff could congregate.
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K-CAST PodcastK-CAST PodcastK-CAST PodcastK-CAST PodcastK-CAST PodcastK-CAST Podcast

K-CAST Podcast

The 2019 Dialogue and Personality class saw a severe lack of community across majors at KCAD. By speaking with people outside of their majors, they realized that it would be great to have an opportunity to hear other people’s stories from KCAD. Their solution is to celebrate and showcase the different KCAD disciplines through a podcast, K-CAST. Read more…

OAK (One of a Kind)OAK (One of a Kind)OAK (One of a Kind)OAK (One of a Kind)OAK (One of a Kind)

OAK (One of a Kind)

In order to address the lack of spirit in authentic apparel on campus, the OAK team focused on creating a student t-shirt design contest promoting KCAD apparel in a One of a Kind way.
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As a team, the Spring 2017 Dialogue and Personality class worked with Grand Rapids Public Museum School to reimagine high school by distributed surveys, formed focus groups, and hosted pop-up events with current and past high school students in order to research the effectiveness of high school as it is currently and what it could be in the future.
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The unCommonsThe unCommonsThe unCommonsThe unCommonsThe unCommonsThe unCommons

The unCommons

The UnCommons was a proposal from the Fall 2016 Dialogue and Personality for a thoughtful renovation of the student commons area at the 17 Fountain building into a space that accurately reflects and nurtures the culture of Kendall College of Art and Design.
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Artist to ArtistArtist to ArtistArtist to ArtistArtist to ArtistArtist to ArtistArtist to ArtistArtist to Artist

Artist to Artist

All artists and designers need supplies, and supplies can be expensive and hard to get. That’s why the Fall 2015 class of Dialogue and Personality created the project “Artist to Artist”, a safe space in KCAD where students and faculty can donate and exchange supplies to help promote a support system in the college.
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KCAD 360

Students from the Spring 2016 Dialogue and Personality course believed that KCAD would benefit from having an honest video full of student interviews to help spark interest in prospective students. The class hoped that by having a unique promotional video, prospective students would not only be interested in KCAD, but also in the college atmosphere and the city of Grand Rapids.
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Through understanding the various personality types, and utilizing the power of dialogue, communication and collaboration, the Re:Make project aims to eliminate an existing problem on KCAD’s campus: both the private and community spaces at our campus in downtown Grand Rapids could be better designed and oriented to meet student needs, boost morale at school and better engage with the community.

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Kendall ExperienceKendall ExperienceKendall Experience

Kendall Experience

In the spring of 2013 the Kendall Experience project aimed to, “Develop culture and communications to create an environment where students can do more than survive, they can thrive.” at KCAD. The class undertook research, interviews, surveys, and talked to local professionals to find out what was missing. Using Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs and IDEO’S Human Centered Design, they developed a deep understanding of the student condition within the KCAD environment. After months of research they compiled a booklet and presented to the president, dean, staff, students, and downtown community of Grand Rapids.

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Thrive Grand Rapids

Students believe that Grand Rapids is having growing pains. These pains had KCAD’s Spring 2014 Dialogue and Personality class wondering how they could help our city grow into a “grown-up” Grand Rapids? They identified that a diverse downtown population, and a walkable, livable, thriving community in the City Center—a specific section of GR as defined by the city—is the missing piece to really helping our city thrive.

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