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Spark ParkSpark ParkSpark Park

Spark Park

Why put a park on a busy city road? The Spark Park is exploring the intervention of the space between the college’s two buildings in order to connect with the community and to create a campus.

Students, faculty, and community members and businesses collaborate to bring the Spark Park to life. The project is a year long process, taking students through all steps of the design process. Ideation, research, testing and prototyping, and finally setting up and delivering a park during ArtPrize teaches students that all of the aspects of design go into a project of this scope.

In 2018, the Spark Park conversation and ideas were centered on stormwater management and our native plants, pollinators, and features. How can a park educate the public on such topics? Additionally, KCAD celebrated 90 years, and students mimicked the 90th anniversary logo throughout the Park.

Park features included grassy spaces, a shady area, mutliple types of furniture and collaborative spaces, handmade furniture by Joe Dunaske (BFA Collaborative Design, ’20) and the KCAD Furniture Club, cornhole boards, popup workshops, and a drop in food truck.

  • Sustainability and Design, Design Thinking, Organizational Structures, and Collaborative Projects , Fall Semesters 2013-present

  • Various students

  • Gayle DeBruyn


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