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Social SpaceSocial SpaceSocial SpaceSocial SpaceSocial Space

Social Space

Social Space is a video response to the measurement of time produced by Collaborative Design students Mackenzie Tucker and Elizabeth Bush.

During the Spring Semester of Visual Literacy, students were posed with the challenge of mapping time in a three or four dimensional way. In Social Space, time is mapped with videography. The voiceover is an excerpt from the chapter Social Space in Henri Lefebvre’s The Production of Space. The excerpt describes the process of life. All creatures start by blooming, but eventually, everything dies. The video mimics the words with ballet dance by showing the process of warming up, performing, and ending a dance.

The two students took a leap and filmed, edited, and produced the short video on their own with no prior experience. The collaborative experience gave both students growth in areas on the basis of an abstract idea.

To see the video, click here .

To visit Mackenzie’s website and see her thoughts on the project, click here .


  • Visual Literacy: Seeing, Spring 2017

  • Mackenzie Tucker, Elizabeth Bush

  • Deborah Mattson

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