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Through understanding the various personality types, and utilizing the power of dialogue, communication and collaboration, the Re:Make project aims to eliminate an existing problem on KCAD’s campus: both the private and community spaces at our campus in downtown Grand Rapids could be better designed and oriented to meet student needs, boost morale at school and better engage with the community.

In the beginning of this course, facilitated by professor and speaking coach Zoe Carmichael, students studied and better understood the dynamic of different personalities in a group setting. After the group had become more familiar with this dynamic, the class felt more like a team, and the project began to take shape. Through brainstorming various issues the students wanted to solve, while utilizing the design process of iteration and refinement, the team pin pointed their problem, defined a solution, and presented tangible outcomes to a large audience. The class project is something that both students and staff at KCAD agreed with, and hopefully will begin to be implemented into the future of Kendall’s campus.


  • Dialogue & Personality, Fall 2014

  • Allison Cornwell, Ian Culver, Amar Dzômba, Molly Kalep, Lauren Martelli, Gavin Midlam, Anthony Murtha, Emily Pinter, Ben Schumitz, Jessica Setter, Jamie Vanderwerf

  • Zoe Carmichael

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