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Project Konnect

The Fall 2019 Dialogue and Personality class recognized the need to bridge a gap between the two downtown KCAD campus buildings in order to “lessen the silo effect” of the two structures. By speaking with KCAD students and faculty, the team discovered just how much this sentiment was shared among community members. By researching various design solutions, the Project Konnect team envisioned a better way to make use of the space between the two buildings that would not only allow for more convenient access between entryways but also create a courtyard where students and staff could congregate.

The Project Konnect team surveyed 127 student and faculty members at KCAD. As a long-term solution, 96% of participants found the concept of a “Student Courtyard” between the two KCAD buildings appealing.

With our school being centered around art and design, we are a group of creatives constantly lugging around portfolios, big projects, and materials for those projects. This can make walking from building to building difficult, especially in Michigan weather. The student body is not as connected or engaged as an art based community as we could be. “The buildings feel like different worlds instead of one connected world”. By physically connecting them, we would have the opportunities and space to build better relationships as artists and friends. The lacking sense of community is a barrier to the growth we could all benefit from as artists and designers.

This connection would give KCAD students and faculty an enhanced quality of life and lessen the “Silo” effect.



  • Dialogue & Personality, Fall 2019

  • Jordan Gunn, Maddie Briggs, Erin VanVliet, Allisha Lightning, Elizabeth McGovern, Amanda Wyman, Kiely Lemmer, Elizabeth Dwelle, Jenny Jager

  • Zoe Carmichael

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