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ODD MarriagesODD MarriagesODD Marriages

ODD Marriages

What impact can a product have after it is donated? The old model of buying and throwing away isn’t cutting it anymore. In the future products need to have a continuous lifecycle so that as little goes to waste as possible.

The future of products needs to be intelligent about the consumption and production. From the sourcing of the materials, manufacturing processes, to the end of the lifecycle, every step needs to be thought through.
Partnering with Goodwill Industries, the class explored new market concepts. Some of their ideas included an artist-in-residency to up-cycle Goodwill’s inventory into new products or even art, and as well as opening a store-in-store for the up-cycled products to separate the sales floor.


  • Organizational Structures, Fall 2014

  • Ben Georgoff, Stacy Folker, Luc Fewer II, Kat Matisse, Leslie Yarhouse, Steven Bender, Kayla Ita, Jeff, Chloe

  • Gayle DeBruyn

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