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OAK (One of a Kind)OAK (One of a Kind)OAK (One of a Kind)OAK (One of a Kind)OAK (One of a Kind)

OAK (One of a Kind)

In order to address the lack of spirit in authentic apparel on campus, the OAK team focused on creating a student t-shirt design contest promoting KCAD apparel in a One of a Kind way.

First, the OAK team developed an online survey for KCAD students to support their team’s ideas and goals. In the survey, they focused on the current state of available apparel in the campus bookstore, then asked for suggestions on how we could better represent our KCAD pride. Survey results showed genuine interest in showcasing KCAD student art, and further support for a student apparel design contest. Second, they used a pop-up event to gather student information and launch the contest. Finally, after activating the student contest, the team focused on what they learned through the process, developing suggestions for the next launch, and have they could improve and build on the concept.

The team’s project pitch:

As a team, we noticed that there was a divide amongst the Kendall community from a lack of authenticity representing us within the merchandise and apparel currently for sale in the bookstore. Our way of filling this void was by creating our very own student design competition made to exhibit the one of a kind works and talents the Kendall population has to share. By showcasing student work and making it a tangible, collective, wearable item that could be shared amongst students, family members, and the community, was our way of engaging students and enhancing the overall pride of our one of a kind community.


  • Dialogue and Personality, Fall 2017

  • Dom Linderer, Drew Danhof, Hailey Klein, Hannah Sorensen, Laurie Bishop, Megan Crouch, Morgan Schuler, Katherine Watson

  • Zoe Carmichael

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