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KCAD 360

Students from the Spring 2016 Dialogue and Personality course believed that KCAD would benefit from having an honest video full of student interviews to help spark interest in prospective students. The class hoped that by having a unique promotional video, prospective students would not only be interested in KCAD, but also in the college atmosphere and the city of Grand Rapids.

The class branding the project with the name “KCAD 360” with the hopes of the video giving prospective students a 360 degree view of college life in a fun and engaging way. The entire semester was based on the video: exploring potential content, filming, editing, and reviewing feedback.

KCAD 360’s mission was to “create a video that covers key and useful topics that are crucial that new students should know, such as areas around Grand Rapids, college culture, and current KCAD students’ perspectives which will be distributed online. We want the language and visuals in our video to not be confusing or intimidating to high school students, but encouraging and enticing.”.


  • Dialogue and Personality, Spring 2016

  • Elizabeth Bush, Erin Collins, Hannah Dowell, Tom Hunton, Bri Morell

  • Zoe Carmichael

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