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K-CAST PodcastK-CAST PodcastK-CAST PodcastK-CAST PodcastK-CAST PodcastK-CAST Podcast

K-CAST Podcast

The 2019 Dialogue and Personality class saw a severe lack of community across majors at KCAD. By speaking with people outside of their majors, they realized that it would be great to have an opportunity to hear other people’s stories from KCAD. Their solution is to celebrate and showcase the different KCAD disciplines through a podcast, K-CAST.

At their pop-up event, they collected 111 surveys from KCAD students, faculty, and staff. They found that 75% of respondents felt a low to medium connection to the KCAD community. This proved their belief that the KCAD campus needs a more unified student body among majors. Additionally, surveys showed that 84% of the respondents never or sometimes read the KCAD Daily, helping build the case for K-CAST to deliver information, news, and stories to KCAD students, faculty, and staff.

The K-CAST podcast will bring students together from different disciplines by creating a podcast club consisting of representatives from each major. The club members will also organize for different students and community artists, faculty, and alumni to be featured on the weekly podcasts. The bi-weekly podcast will consist of a short introduction of on campus news and events and will lead into the guest interview. In the end, the goal of K-CAST is to encourage students to engage with other student artists across disciplines and to participate more in school events to create a more unified campus.

Listen to the K-CAST podcast on Soundcloud here!


  • Dialogue and Personality, Spring 2019

  • Anna VanderLaan, Christian Czernik, Kaja Smith, Jeff Blaauw, Colette Holston, Mallory Berg, Averie Harris, Hayley Neyer, Ellen Wilson

  • Zoe Carmichael

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