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Improvisational exercises help develop the skills and confidence to solve problems, collaborate with others, and think on your feet. Through improvisational games and exercises, dialogue, reading, viewing and playing, you learn to harness the power of ‘Yes, And!’ and apply the learning to challenges in the classroom, at work, and beyond.

‘Yes, And!’ is the foundation of improvisation. It creates an environment for artists and designers to collaborate and ultimately reach their audience. To do this improvisors accept reality, build to their greatest potential, and act at the highest level. It’s fun, experimental learning that can be applied immediately to the real-world challenges artists and designers face today. Rationale: Ideas are great but if no one understands your idea, it dies. And if someone understands your idea but the environment is adverse to change, it also dies. This course helps ensure that your ideas live.

To watch sample videos of previous semesters of this course, click the links below.

Improvisation Sample Video 1
Improvisation Sample Video 2

  • Improvisation, Spring Semesters

  • Mary Jane Pories

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