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As a team, the Spring 2017 Dialogue and Personality class worked with Grand Rapids Public Museum School to reimagine high school by distributed surveys, formed focus groups, and hosted pop-up events with current and past high school students in order to research the effectiveness of high school as it is currently and what it could be in the future.

The class defined the problem statement: Students are not being asked for their opinion on their education, and this is creating disconnect and dissatisfaction with their high school experience.

Their vision as a class was to develop a clear understanding of how high school students are best inspired to learn, by ensuring student voices are heard to help build the high schools of tomorrow.

By teaming up with XQ and the Grand Rapids Public Museum School, the class learned about the importance of creating an effective learning environment that inspires students through place-based and design thinking.

Their mission was to support GRPMS by obtaining information from past and present high school students in order to discover the most conductive ways of learning for all high school students both now and in the future.

“Igniting Young Minds”

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  • Dialogue and Personality, Spring 2017

  • Charity Atton, Cori Kromrei, Joe Dunaske, Katie Kalkman, Kelsey Ballast Pasma,
    Camellia Perreault, Sawyer Seide

  • Zoe Carmichael

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