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Grand Rapids Public Museum School

The Grand Rapids Public Museum School is a school for the students of Grand Rapids and the greater Grand Rapids area. This School will implement progressive teaching methods that have been developed utilizing design thinking techniques, focusing on real-life experiences and leveraging the artifact collections & exhibitions of the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

This unique approach to learning is designed to inspire passionate curiosity, nurture creative problem solving, cultivate critical thinking, and stimulate innovation. The Museum School is a first of its kind in West Michigan. The mission of the GRPMS is to be a living monument of artifacts and stories told through exhibitions, events, and educational programming to inspire, motivate and celebrate our human bond. The museum enriches the life of the community through experiences of the wider world in a uniquely Grand Rapids context.

Through the XQ:The Super School Project, the Grand Rapids Public Museum School emerged as one of ten, $10 million contest winners for rethinking and reimagining high school.

Grand Rapids Public Museum High School, located adjacent to the Grand Rapids Public Museum archives in a newly renovated historic museum building, believes that the entire community is a classroom and that schools can help drive community revitalization and civic engagement. The school aims to pair foundational learning with experiential learning, as students engage with city archives and museum resources for research and projects addressing real-world issues and challenges. The rigorous, multidisciplinary curriculum is built to empower students to become creative change-makers in their communities through design thinking, place-based education and museum modalities. This unique combination of learning and academic rigor will inspire creative thinkers and problem solvers equipped to shape the future.

GRPS Museum High School Opens for 9th grade students August 20, 2018.

Collaborative Partners include: Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids Public Museum, Grand Valley State University, and Kendall College of Art and Design.


  • Community Engagement and Design Education

  • Gayle DeBruyn, Cindy Todd

  • Kim Rowland, Michael Posthumus, Christopher Hanks, Mulonge Kalumbula, Karyl Morin, Carolyn Evans

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