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Fix It LabsFix It LabsFix It LabsFix It Labs

Fix It Labs

The Fall 2016 Sustainability and Design class explored different ways to take, make, and repair through the Fix It Labs, an open gallery space that held small, student led workshops to learn about how to fix and maintain common objects such as bikes, electronic screens, and furniture.

Over the period of two weeks, the class practiced the art of circular economy design strategies by hosting short workshops on how to maintain and repair commonly used objects. This practice helped teach students how to avoid sending their broken things straight to the landfill, and instead give them the knowledge and tools to fix it on their own.

When workshops were not being held, the space was open to the school. Students were encouraged to tinker with objects and explore possibilities.The project helped expand KCAD’s use of space to host design workshops in a mainly art driven school.


  • Sustainability and Design, Fall 2016

  • Elizabeth Bush, Andrea Rozell, Allison Cornwell, Briana Morell, Jessica Rozema, Zoe Silver

  • Gayle Debruyn

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