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Finding 333Finding 333Finding 333Finding 333Finding 333Finding 333Finding 333

Finding 333

First students invited people to attend their 2015 student exhibition in May, but then a slight problem popped up: how do we get those people to come to the desolate 4th floor when most foot traffic runs through the main Kendall building? And once up here, how do we then convince them to come to the after party? What could have been as simple as an invitation quickly turned into a fully designed experience.

Rather than an invite, the students decided to design blank tickets to the after party that would be handed out at the student exhibition. In order to get to the after party, one needed to attend the exhibition, and once there, the tickets were handed out. But blank tickets?

Well, the intention was not to just have people show up, but to observe and appreciate the student work. So, in each room of the show there was a stamp – each stamp provided more information as to the whereabouts of the party. First an overhead layout of the city, then a dot showing where you were on this city map, and finally the location of the party, along with the address and a basic directional path of how to get there. The experience was simple, yet effective, and made the whole experience memorable and more engaging.


  • Visual Literacy: Seeing, Spring 2015

  • Ian Culver, Johnathon Morrow, Matt VanSweden

  • Gayle DeBruyn

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