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Business Side of Design

Business Side of Design

How does design fit into business? Researching and learning about different size studios and companies, students take on an active role interviewing and understanding the business side of design.

Most companies rely on design for a multitude of reasons: communication, research, product development, problem solving, and many more. With the knowledge of the intersection of business and design, students can align themselves for future opportunities in the working environment of their choosing ranging from large conglomerate studios to small studios run by single designers.

Please click on these PDFs to view examples of the work as they are designed to be printed:

How do designers solve problems?

What is a design team?

People Design Presentation

Ben Georgoff Infographic

Courtney Wierzbickic Infographic

Emily Nagy Infographic

Ian Culver Infographic

  • Business Side of Design, Multiple Terms 2013-present

  • Various students

  • Adam Clarke

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