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Artist to Artist

All artists and designers need supplies, and supplies can be expensive and hard to get. That’s why the Fall 2015 class of Dialogue and Personality created the project “Artist to Artist”, a safe space in KCAD where students and faculty can donate and exchange supplies to help promote a support system in the college.

The class is planning on creating this environment by re-branding and promoting the existing ARC donation space by working closely with Nicole DeKraker and her team. They believe that having this type of resource will not only help to eliminate student stress, but will also help to create a stronger sense of community at KCAD between students and faculty of all disciplines.

In essence, the class is building a stronger support system for both faculty and students. When you have a stronger, supported community, you’re creating a safe zone where students can feel more confident branching out.

  • Dialogue and Personality, Fall 2015

  • Shanel Burny, Eric Choike, Sarah Doane, Kyle Fan, Ashley Glavach, Rachel McDowell, Andi Rozell, Mackenzie Tucker, Sarah Vultaggio, Jessie Waite

  • Zoe Carmichael

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