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Art for All

Working with David Abbott, Executive Director of Festival of the Arts, the Organizational Structures class learned about how a large-scale community event operates. They were tasked with envisioning ways Festival of the Arts could generate more revenue from art sales.

The class defined their common goal:

Implement ways to show people how affordable art is at Festival and to increase the number of art sales at the Regional Art Show.

Each student pursued a different idea all working towards the common goal.

Elizabeth: Host a VIP-style event before the official opening of the Regional Arts Exhibition. This would draw in big donors to have the opportunity to bid on art and designs before the show opens.

Andi: Create and apply a simple yet effective social media presence. Additionally, Andi created some mockup advertisements including web, print, and billboard style ads featuring quotes from well-known art influencers in Grand Rapids.

Joe: Implement design into the Regional Arts Exhibition. Encourage designers to apply by having a design-based juror judging. Use new rubrics to make judging consistent including categories based on artist background and design strategies.

Zoe: Feature Regional Arts Exhibition artists on the Festival of the Arts website. Include bio, hometown, category, and links to connect with the artist.


  • Organizational Structures, Fall 2018

  • Elizabeth Bush, Andi Rozell, Joe Dunaske, Zoe Silver

  • Gayle DeBruyn

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