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Collaborative Design

Dialogue and Personality: Vital Communication Tools For Every Design and Art Student

Dialogue and Personality is a rather complex class. We study how individuals communicate, think and learn. The class is very diverse; it consists of individuals with a variety of personality types. We learn how to work together with our differences. As a group we devise our semester project based upon a problem we decide needs to be assessed. We collaboratively find a way to come to a conclusion that we are all satisfied with.

I have gathered tools from this course that I will carry with me through a lifetime of collaboration. To list a few: conflict resolution, project management, team building and public speaking skills. I learned the true definition of dialogue.. and it’s not just two people communicating! Through setting aside my assumptions, treating others equally, and listening with empathy I have learned to take my dialogue to a whole new level. However, perhaps most importantly I learned so much about myself. I feel as though this class provided me with a lot of direction and it really reinforced my desire to pursue Collaborative Design.

The guest speakers were extremely beneficial to us as a team for many reasons. They provided us with a fresh outlook on our project plan and each had a new perspective. They also all had different styles of communicating so it was a great way for us to practice facilitating dialogue and problem solving with varying personalities. Another bonus was our guest speakers were all working professionals from the community! It was a great opportunity to make connections.

The class worked very hard throughout the semester on one single project. It was a lot of work spread over a long time, however it all came together seemingly simply due to our amazing facilitator Zoe Carmichael. Zoe had concise “roadmaps” for us to follow each day that greatly assisted us in staying on track. On a larger scale, we had a plan stating where we wanted to be in our project each week. We went through many stages of research, information gathering and continuously implementing our learning into our final pitch.

I would recommend this course to any student of any major. It assists you in becoming so much more confident in your work and your ability to pitch it. The skills you acquire in this course are skills that are applicable in day-to-day situations. This is not just a Collaborative Design course; it really is a LIFE course.

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