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Think you are interested in collaborative design? Have any thoughts, concerns, or ideas?
Connect with us! We’ll answer all your questions and give you a tour!



Gayle DeBruyn
Program Chair
(616) 299-4927


“The role of designers in todays workforce is an ever-changing dynamic; the aim of the Collaborative Design program is to develop creative minds into versatile thinkers and doers. By cultivating a broad set of skills, as well as a strong understanding of design process and thinking, students that come out of the program are able to take on unique and rewarding careers by offering real world design experiences.”


Ian Culver
Industrial Design Minor


“Curiosity is everything for me. I wake up each day with a passion for learning, and have a need to try & fail as a learning model. Before transferring to Kendall, my pursuits were in graphic design and animation, though now my passion is in the built environment and sustainability. This program fosters these ambitions and supports the curiosity that drives me to be a designer.”


Elizabeth Bush
Industrial Design Minor


“I have always known that I wanted to become a designer, but I also wanted to incorporate working closely with others into my career. With Collaborative Design, I not only learn valuable communication and business skills, but I also get to experience the design process through innovative projects. Being able to work alongside enthusiastic people inspires me to learn and create. This program is the perfect fit for my interests while also preparing me for real world experiences.”