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KCAD Collaborative Design

KCAD Sustainability Report

Hammer & Nail


Mobile GR: Transportation Application

OAK (One of a Kind)

KCAD: Sustainable Culture

Make Known: KCAD in 15 Objects

Collaborative Design Yearbook: 2016-17

Business Side of Design

Social Space


Senior Capstone

Example Portfolios

Fix It Labs

The unCommons

Re•Fill: Emergency ReSource Room

Campo de Rumsey


KCAD + Goodwill Pop-Up Shop

Individual Reflections: Sustainability

Wege Prize

WikiD Housing

Artist to Artist

SEEDS Of Promise

KCAD 360

UNTITLED. Art Fair 2015

Rumsey Street Project


What is Collaborative Design?

“Collaborative” means you’ll learn how to creatively solve problems and engage in project activities, management and coordination in both public and private organizations. We’ll help you develop techniques for generative and communicating good ideas, both independently and as part of a team.

“Design” means you’ll graduate with a deep understanding of the process of design. A blend of studio classes, art history, general ed, and a required minor in one of our design disciplines adds up to well-rounded students who can understand, advocate and facilitate good design wherever they go.


Go to to learn about the Collaborative Design program at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University.






KCAD Collaborative Design


KCAD Sustainability Resource


Wege Prize


Wege Center for Sustainable Design